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Mining Industry Historical Index

H & CC Mining Co Tri State
H & H Mining Co MO
H & K Mining Co OK
H & M Mining Co CO
H & M Mining Co OK
H & T Mining Co CO
H R & Co MT
Haack Mine AZ
Habel Quebec Gold Mines DE
Habendum Mining Co CO
Habita Gold Mining Co CO
Hackberry Consolidated Mining Co AZ
Hahns Peak Gold M & M Co CO
Hahns Peak Mining & Development Co CO
Haile Gold Mining Corp SC
Halcomb & Baldini Lease NV
Halcrist Mining Co CA
Halcyon Mining Co CO
Halcyon Mining Co SD
Hale & Norcross Co NV
Hale & Norcross Mining Co NV
Haley Mining Co OR
Haley-Comstock Mining Corp NV
Half Moon Copper Co AZ
Halifax Tonopah Mining Co NV
Halifax Tonopah Mining Co UT
Hall (John) Mines Inc OR
Hall Creek Mining & Milling Co WA
Hall Mine CA
Hall-Baker Expl Co CA
Hallenbeck Placers CO
Hallett (JV) ConstructionCo NM
Hallett Placer Co NM
Halley Bonanza Mining Co ID
Halley Mining Co OR
Halley Placer Co ID
Halley Triumph Mines Co CO
Halley Triumph Mines Co ID
Ham & Eggs Mines Inc MT
Hamburg American Copper Mining & Milling Co ID
Hamburg Mines Co NV
Hamburg-Arizona Mining Co AZ
Hamburger (Arthur) Mines Co CA
Hamill Mining & Tun Co CO
Hamilton Mammoth Mines Inc OR
Hamilton Mines Co AZ
Hamilton Mining & Smelting Co CA
Hamilton Mining Co ID
Hamilton Mining Co MT
Hamilton Victor Products Co MT
Hamlet-Dexter M & M Co CO
Hamlet-Dexter Mines Corp CO
Hamlin Development Co NV
Hamm Gold Mining Co OR
Hammer Bros White Lead Co IL
Hammie Mine VA
Hammon Copper Co Ltd AZ
Hammon Dredging Co CA
Hammond Consolidated Mining & Milling Co WA
Hammond Eng Co CA
Hammond Gold Mines Inc NV
Hammond Gold Mines Inc WA
Hammond Mining Co WA
Hampshire (John) Co OR
Hampton Mining & Milling Co ID
Hancock Consolidated Mining Co MI
Hancock Daily Mines Co AZ
Hand Mining & Milling Co CA
Hanenkratt Lead & Zinc Co KS, OK
Hanifern Co WA
Hanks (Nancy) & Mont Mining Co MT
Hanks (Nancy) Gold Mining Co MT
Hanks (Nancy) Gold Synd MT
Hanna M & M Co CO
Hanna Mine CA
Hannapah Chief Gold Mining Co NV
Hannapah Silver Star Mining Co NV
Hannibal Mining & Milling Co OR
Hannigan & Wolz Gold Mining Co MT
Hanover Copper Co NM
Hanover Mines NM
Hap py Camp Dredging Co CA
Happy Assoc Group of Mines CA
Happy Bill Mines Co ID
Happy Camp Placers Inc CA
Happy Creek Gold Mines Ltd NV
Happy Creek Mining Co AK
Happy Day Mining Co Ltd ID
Happy Days Mining Corp WA
Happy Five Mining Co CO
Happy Hollow Mining Co MO
Happy Jack Mining & Red Co AZ
Happy Jack Mining Co CA
Happy Jack Mining Co Inc ID
Happy Thought Mining Co CO
Happy Thought Mining Co OR
Harbro Mines Co UT
Harbud Mines Co AZ
Harcuver Gold Mining Co AZ
Hard Cash Gold Mines Inc WA
Hard Rock Mining Co KS
Hardscrabble Mine NM
Hardscrabble Mining Co NM
Hard-Uotilla-Hanson Mine AK
Hardy (Kate) Mining Co CA
Hardy Mining Co AZ
Hares Co Calif Hayes Co ID
Harley Gratham Mining Co KS
Harmony Mines Co ID
Harold Mining & Development Co AZ
Harold Mining & Development Co CA
Harp & Manning Mining Co MO
Harqua Hala Extn Mining Co AZ
Harqua Hala Gold Mines Co AZ
Harqua Hala Ridge M & M Co AZ
Harraman Gold Mining Co CA
Harraman-Blakeman Orgn Inc CA
Harriet Mining Co CA
Harriman Mines Co DE
Harriman Mining & Milling Co CA
Harrington Mining Co KS
Harris (TD & CR) Dredging Co CA
Harris Copper Co AZ
Harris Creek Mining Co AK
Harris Gold Mines Co Inc AZ
Harris Mining Co KS, MO
Harris Mining Corp DE
Harris Mining Corp ID
Harrisburg Mining & Milling Co OK
Harrison & Rowland Inc ID
Harrison (Ben) Gold & Copper Mining Co WA
Harrison (Ben) Mines Co OR
Harrison Gold Dredging Co OR
Harrison Mine CA
Harrison Mining & Milling Co AR
Harrison Mining Co NM
Hart Bros Ore Development Co OR
Hart Consolidated Mining Co CO
Hart Gold Mines Co CO
Hart Mine AZ
Hartery Consolidated Mining Co CA
Hartford Arizona Copper Mining Co AZ
Hartford Mining & Development Co NV
Hartford Mining Co NV
Hartford Mining Co Mo OK
Hartley-Mining Milling & Red Co NV
Hartman Gold Mining Co AZ
Hartman Mining & Milling Co CA
Harts Pass Mining Co WA
Harvey Creek Mining Co MT
Harvey Creek Placer Mining Co MT
Harvey Peak Tin Mining Milling & Manufacturing Co SD
Harvey Placer Co Inc MT
Hasbrouck Divide Annex Mining Co CA
Hasbrouck Divide Annex Mining Co NV
Hasbrouck Divide Mining Co NV
Hasbrouck Extn Mining Co NV
Haselburch Mining Co CA
Haskell Gold Mining Co Ltd NV
Haskell Mining Co CA
Hassavampa River Mining Co AZ
Hassayampa Gold Mining Co AZ
Hassayampa Placer Gold Mining Co AZ
Hassell-Hart-Kerwin Synd CA
Hastings Quicksilver Mining Co CA
Hatfield Mining Co WA
Hattan Mining & Milling Co MO
Hattan Mining Co MO
Havebir Leasing Co CO
Havens Mining Co CO
Haverlv Mining Co WA
Hawaiian American Exploration Co Inc CA
Hawk Inlet Mining Co AK
Hawkeye Mine CO
Hawkeye Mining & Lsng Co CO
Hawkeye Mining Co AZ
Hawkeye Mining Co CO
Hawkeye Mining Co OK
Hawkins Gold Mining Co CA
Hawkins Lead & Zinc Co OK
Hawthorne Mines Inc NV
Hayden Hill Gold Corp CA
Hayden Hill Gold Corp CA
Hayden Leasing Co AZ
Hayes (Frank J) Mining Co CO
Hayes Nevada Mining Co AZ
Hayfork Gold Dredging Co CA
Haynes Steilite Co ID
Hays Gold Mining Co SC
Hays Mining & Milling Co ID
Hayseed Mine Synd CO
Haystack Mines Co Inc NV
Hayward-Richard Lsng Co NM
Haywire Mining & Milling Co MT
Hazard Mining Co NM
Hazel Gold Mining Co CA
Hazel Mining Co WA
Hazeldel Mining Co AZ
Hazell Metals Corp AZ
HB Mining Co OK
HC Corp CO
HC Mining & Development Co SD
Headlight Gold M & M Co CO
Headlight Gold Mine NV
Headlight Mining Co ID
Heck Gold Mining & Lsng Co CO
Heckendorn Mining Synd Inc CA
Hecla Checkmate Mining & Milling Co Ltd ID
Hecla Consolidated Mining Co MT
Hecla Divide Mining Co NM
Hecla Divide Mining Co NV
Hecla Extn Mining Co ID
Hecla Mining Co WA
Hecla South Butte Mining Co ID
Hecla-Rand Mining Co CA
Hector Mining Co CO
Hector Mining Co ID
Hector Placer Co CO
Heggland Mines Co NV
Heigh-Ho Mines Co NV
Heigh-Ho Mining Co NV
Heiser & Co CO
Heizer-Ninnis Mine NV
HEL Mining Co AZ
Helen Hone Mne Co CO
Helen Mine CA
Helen Mineral Co VA
Helen Quicksilver Mine CA
Helena & Livingston Smelting & Red Co MT
Helena Consolidated Mines Inc CA
Helena Gold & Silver Mines Inc WA
Helena Jefferson Mines Co MT
Helena Mining Co OR
Helena Mining Units ID
Helena Silver Lea Mines Co MT
Helins Dome Mining Co AZ
Hell Creek Mining Co AR
Heller-Stark Mining & Development Co ID
Hellgate Mining Co UT
Helm Bay Mining Co WA
H-E-L-M Mining Co CA
Helmet Peak M & M Co AZ
Helping Hand M & M Development Co CO
Helvetia Copper Co AZ
Helvetia Mining Co ID
HEM Mining Co ID
Hemleban Development Co CA
Hemlock Silver Lead Mining Co MT
Hemple Copper Mining Co AK
Hemstead Mining Co CA
Henderson Mining OK
Henderson Mining Co MO
Henderson Mining Co NV
Hennessy Divide Mining Co NV
Hennessy-Bums Mining Co ID
Henning Gold Mines CA
Henrietta Copper Co AZ
Henrietta Copper Mining Co CO
Henrietta Mines Co CO
Henrietta Silver Mines Co ID
Hensen Creek Lead Mines Co CO
Hercules Consolidated Mining & Milling Co CA
Hercules Consolidated Mining Co CO
Hercules Divide Mining Co NV
Hercules Gold Mines Co CA
Hercules Group ID
Hercules Mines Co of Nev NV
Hercules Mining Co CO
Hercules Mining Co ID
Hercules Molybdenum Corp NM
Hercules Silver Mining Co AZ
Hercules Silver Mining Co AZ
Hercules-Ajax Mining & Milling Co CO
Herman Mines Consolidated Ltd NV
Hermes Mining & Milling Co Inc WA
Hermes Mining Corp WA
Hermit Mines of Idaho Inc ID
Hermit Mining Co ID
Hernandez Quicksilver Mining Co CA
Herron & Laster Inc AZ
Herschel Mine Lease AZ
Hershell Mining Co AZ
Hershey Mines Corp UT
Hesperus Mining Co CO
Hess Gold Mines Co CA
Hewer Mining Co ID
Hewer Mining Co Ltd ID
HHH Mining Co Mo OK
Hi Henry Mining Claims AZ
Hi Line Gold Co WA
Hiatt Mining Co Tri State
Hiawatha Gold Mining Co CO
Hiawatha Lsng Co CO
Hi-Bar Mining Co Inc ID
Hibernia Consolidated Mines Trust AZ
Hickam Mining Co MO
Hickey Copper Co AZ
Hickox Mining Co CA
Hidalgo Copper Co NM
Hidalgo Gold Mines Co NM
Hidalgo Gold Mines Inc CO
Hidalgo Gold Mining Co CO
Hidalgo Lead Co NM
Hidalgo Mines Co CO
Hidalgo Mining & Milling Co NM
Hidden Forest Gold Mining Co NV
Hidden Gold Mining Co DE
Hidden Hill Mines CA
Hidden Lake Mining Co MT
Hidden Lake Venture Inc MT
Hidden Reef Mining Co NV
Hidden Treasure Gold Mining Co OR
Hidden Treasure Gravel Mining Co CA
Hidden Treasure Mine & Milling Co ID
Hidden Treasure Mines Inc CA
Hidden Treasure Mining & Development Co UT
Hidden Treasure Mining Co AZ
Hidden Treasure Mining Co CA
Hidden Treasure Mining Co CO
Hidden Treasure Mining Co ID
Hidden Treasure Mining Co NV
Hidden Treasure Mining Co SD
Hidden Treasures Mines Co CA
Hidden Valley Mining Co CA
Hi-Grade Mining Co OR
Hi-Way Mining Co CA
Hi-You Mine ID
HMD Exploration Inc DE
Homestake Copper Co WA
Homestake No 2 Mining Co SD
Homestake T & C Co UT
Homestead Corp SD
Homestead Gold Mines Inc ID
Homestead Mining Co MT
Homestead Mug & Leasing Co ID
Homestead-Iron Dyke Mines Co Inc OR
Homewood Mining Co NV
Homewood Placer Mining & Consolidated Co UT
Honcut Dredging Co CA
Honcut Gold Mines Co Ltd CA
Honduras Mining Co NV
Hone Kong Mining & Exploration Corn DE
Honey Dew Mines Synd CO
Honey Lake Mining Co NV
Honey Lake Val Gold Mining & Development Co CA
Honolulu Mining Co Ltd ID
Hoona Indian Gold Mining Co Ltd NV
Hoopa Mines Inc CA
Hoosier Dragline Co CA
Hoosier Gold Mines Co CO
Hoosier Lsng Co CO
Hoosier Lsng Co ID
Hoosier Mine CO
Hoosier Mining & Lsng Co CO
Hoosier Mining & Milling Co SD
Hoosier Pass Gold Mining Co CO
Hoosier-King Gold Mines CO
Hoover Consolidated Quicksilver Mining Co ID
Hoover Mining Co WA
Hoover Mining Co WA, MT
Hop Canyon Mlng & Smelting Co NM
Hope Consolidated Mining Co MT
Hope Consolidated Mining Co NV
Hope Lead & Zinc Co OK
Hope Metals Co AZ
Hope Mines Development Co CA
Hope Mining Co AK
Hope Mining Co ID
Hope Mining, Milling & Lsng Co CO
Hope of Israel Mining Co UT
Hope Standard Mining Co UT
Hopkins (Berne) & Assoc CO
Hopkins Gold Development Co CO
Horlic Development Synd AK
Horn Silver Consolidated Mines Co ID
Hornet Gold Mining Co CO
Hornitos Mines Inc DE
Hornsilver American Co NV
Hornsilver Apex Mining Co NV
Hornsilver Mines Co UT
Hornsilver Mining & Milling Co ID
Hornsilver Mining Co NV
Hornsilver Red Top Mining Co NV
Hornsilver-Mizpah Mining Co NV
Horse Creek Mining Co ID
Horse Mountain Copper Co CA
Horse Mountain M & M Co CO
Horse Shoe Copper Co ID
Horse Shoe Gold Mining Co CA
Horseshoe Basin Consolidated Mining Co CO
Horseshoe Bed Mining CO
Horseshoe Bend Gold-Silver Mines MT
Horseshoe Bend Mining Co CA
Horseshoe Bend Mining Co MT
Horseshoe Bend Placer Inc ID
Horseshoe Copper Co Ltd ID
Horseshoe Divide Mining Co NV
Horseshoe Dredging Co CA
Horseshoe Gold Mining Co NV
Horseshoe Mining Co ID
Horseshoe Mining Co NV
Horseshoe Mining Co SD
Horseshoe Mining Co Ltd CA
Horseshoe Mining Co Ltd NV
Horton Weepah Mines NV
Hosford Gold Mine AZ
Hot Stuff Mining Co UT
Hot Water Mine CA
Hotchkiss Mining Co WA
Houghton Copper Co MI
Houkhton-Alaska Exploration Co AK
Houston-Arizona Copper Co AZ
Howard Copper Co AZ
Howard Silver Co AZ
Howe Mining Co OK
Howie Mining Co NC
Hsetterman Mining Co OK
HSMI Mining Co CO
HT Milling Co Tri State
Huachuca Consolidated Mines Co AZ
Huachuca Queen Mining Co AZ
Hub Mine WY
Hub Mining & Mg Co CO
Hubbard Mining Co WA
Hubbard Mining Co WA
Hubbard-Elliott Copper Co AK
Hubbard-Elliott Development Synd AK
Hubert Mining & Lsng Co CO
Huckleberry Mine WA
Huckleberry Mine Co OR
Hudson (N R) Mine AK
Hudson Consolidated Mining Co CA
Hudson Lsng Co NV
Hudson Mine AK
Hudson Mining & Milling Co NV
Hudson Mining Co CA
Hudson Mining Co CO
Hudson Mining Co NV
Hudson River Gold Mines Ltd CA
Huff (J) Mine AK
Hughes Creek Dredging Co MT
Hughes Creek Gold Corp MT
Hughes Creek Placer Mines Co MT
Hughesville Mining Co MT
Hughesville Silver & Lead Co MT
Hugo Gold & Copper Mining Co MT
Hulbert Mining Co MI
Hull City Divide Mining Co NV
Hull Leasing Co ID
Hull Silver Lead Corp ID
Humboldt Consolidated Copper Co AZ
Humboldt Consolidated Mines Co NV
Humboldt Consolidated Mining Co CO
Humboldt Mines Co CO
Humboldt Mines Inc AZ
Humboldt Mines Inc NM
Humboldt Mining & Milling Co CO
Humboldt Mining & Milling Co ID
Humboldt Mining & Milling Co NV
Humboldt Mining Co CO
Humboldt Mining Co UT
Humboldt Mountain Copper Co NV
Humboldt Ore Red Co NV
Humboldt Sulphur Co NV
Humbug Placer CO
Hummer Mining Co WA
Humming Bird Group ID
Humming Bird Mining Co ID
Humming Bug Mines Inc NV
Humphries Mining Co NC
Hunchbell Mining & Mg Co NV
Hundred Fold Mining Co ID
Hundred Gold Mining Co ID
Hunter Leasing Ca NV
Hunter Mining Co MO
Hunter Mining Co Ltd ID
Huntsville Sinclair Mining Co MO
Hurdle Creek Gold Mining Co AK
Hurley Creek Mining & Milling Co ID
Huron Copper Co AZ
Huron Copper Mining Co AZ
Huron Gold Ores Co CO
Hurricane Leasing Co CO
Hurricane Mining & Milling Co CO
Hurry Up Mine MO
Hurtle Creek Gold Mining Co AK
Hush Creek Placers Inc CA
Hussey-Howe Mining Co MI
Huttig Lead & Zinc Co OK
Hyattsville M, M & T Co CO
Hyder Jumbo Mining Co AK
Hyder Monarch Gold Mining Co AK
Hyder Skookum Mining Co AK
Hydraulic Dredging & Consolidated Co OR
Hydraulic Placer Mining Co CO
Hydro Mining & Exploration Corp ID
Hydro Placer Inc SD
Hydro Sixes Mines Co OR
Hydro-Electro Mining & Red Co CO
Hydroplass Mining Corp OR
Hy-Gold Mining & Mig Co CO
Hy-Grade Manganese Co VA
Hy-Grade Manganese Prod & Sales Corp VA
Hy-Grade Mining Co MT
Hyore Mining & Mg Co MT
Hypotheek Mining & Milling Co ID