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Mining Industry Historical Index

P & E Lsng Synd CO
P F E Mining Co CO
Pac Gold Mining & Milling Co CA
Pac Mines & Development Corp CA
Pac Stand Mining Co CA
Pacific & Arizona Gold Co AZ
Pacific Alloys Co CA
Pacific Basin Gold Mining Co CA
Pacific Channel Co CA
Pacific Coast Co WA
Pacific Coast Gold Inc OR
Pacific Coast Gold Mines Corp CA
Pacific Coast Mines Development Co CA
Pacific Coast Mining Synd NV
Pacific Cone Co OR
Pacific Consolidated Mines Inc UT
Pacific Consolidated Mines Inc WA
Pacific Copper Co GA
Pacific Copper Co MI
Pacific Copper Co NM
Pacific Copper Co OR
Pacific Copper Co UT
Pacific Copper Co WA
Pacific Foundation Co CA
Pacific Gold Dredging Co CA
Pacific Gold Inc NV
Pacific Gold Inc OR
Pacific Gold Ltd CA
Pacific Gold Mines Co of N A AK
Pacific Gold Mining & Milling UT
Pacific Gold Mining & Milling Co CA
Pacific Gold Mining Co CA
Pacific Gold Mining Co MT
Pacific Gold Mining Co NV
Pacific Gold Mining Co UT
Pacific Gold Placers Inc NV
Pacific Holding & Mining Co Ltd CA
Pacific Inv Co CA
Pacific Lead Corp AZ
Pacific Lead Mines Inc CA
Pacific Lead Silver Mines Co AZ
Pacific Lead Silver Mines Co CA
Pacific Mariposa Mining Co CA
Pacific Matchless Mining Corp NV
Pacific Mercury & Mining Co WA
Pacific Mercury Co WA
Pacific Mines & Development Co CA
Pacific Mines Corp CA
Pacific Mines Corp CO
Pacific Mines Ltd ID
Pacific Mining & Milling Co CA
Pacific Mining & Smelting Co OR
Pacific Mining Co NM
Pacific Mnrl & Shell Co OR
Pacific Mnrl Corp WA
Pacific Mnrls Co Ltd CA
Pacific Mnrls Co Ltd NM
Pacific Mnrls Corp CA
Pacific Mnrls Inc MI
Pacific Mnrls Inc OR
Pacific Molyb Mines Inc MI
Pacific Northwest Mining Assoc WA
Pacific Placer Co OR
Pacific Placers Engineering Co CA
Pacific Precious Metals Co WA
Pacific Quicksilver Co OR
Pacific Slope Gold Mines Corp AZ
Pacific Southern Mines Inc CA
Pacific Standard Mining Co CA
Pacific States M & M Co CA
Pacific States Mines Inc ID
Pacific States Mining & Development Co WA
Pacific States Refining Co OR
Pacific Syndicate NV
Pacific Titanium Products Co WA
Pacific Tungsten Co NV
Pacific Tungsten Co Ltd CA
Pacific Tungsten Corp CA
Pacific Western Mining Co CA
Pack Saddle Gold Mines Co NV
Packard Co NV
Packard Silver Mines Co NV
Packer Mining Co MT
Pactolus Gold Dredging Co CO
Pactolus Mining & Milling Co CO
Paddock & Co OR
Paddy Flat Placer Mining Corp ID
Paddy Pride Silver Mining Co CA
Padre Dominion Mines Ltd NV
Padre Mines Inc CA
Page Consolidated Mining Co CA
Page Mining & Smelting Co AR
Page Mining Co ID
Pahasa Mining Co SD
Pa-Ha-Sa-Pa Mining Co SD
Paisano Mining Co AZ
Palace Mining & Milling Co CO
Palagonite Industrial Mining Co CA
Palisade Copper Co CO
Palisade Petroleum Co ID
Palisades Mines Co CA
Palmarita Expl & Mining Co CA
Palmer Mountain Gold Mining & Tun Co ID
Palmer Summit Mine WA
Palmer-Johnson Mining Co CO
Palmero Dredg Co CA
Palmero Dredging Co CA
Palmetto Consolidated Inc NV
Palmetto Consolidated Mining Co NV
Palmetto Keystone Mining Co NV
Palo Alto Gold Mining Co AZ
Palo Alto Mining & Milling Co AZ
Palo Verde Copper Co AZ
Paloma Gold & Silver Mining Coo UT
Paloma Mining Co CA
Palomas Copper Co AZ
Pamlico District Mining Co Ltd NV
Pamlico Mining Co Inc NV
Pan American Manganese Mining Corp DE
Pan American Mining & Milling Co NV
Pan American Mining Co AZ
Pan American Mining Co CA
Pan American Mining Co NV
Pan Inyo Mining Co CA
Panama Mines WA
Panama Mining & Milling Co UT
Panama Mining Co DE
Panama Mining Co NV
Panamerican Development Corp DE
Panaminas Inc AZ
Panamint Mining Co CA
Panamint Rose Mining Co Ltd NV
Pandora Mining & Milling Co CO
Pandora Mining Co ID
Pan-Due Placer Mining Co CO
Panel Mining & Milling Co DE
Panhandle Copper Mining & Smelting Co Ltd ID
Panhandle Silver-Lead Mining Co ID
Pansy Mining Co MO
Pantagon Mining Co CA
Pantano Mining & Milling Co AZ
Panther City Mining Co NV
Panther Creek Milling Co OR
Panther Mines Co NV
Pantle Bros CA
Pantle Duesing Placer Co CO
Panyo Gold Mining Co CA
Papago Gold Mining Co Inc AZ
Papago Mining & Red Co AZ
Papago Mining Co AZ
Papoose Mining Co NV
Papoose Mining Co Ltd ID
Papurel & Graham Mountain Mining Co ID
Paradise Gold Co CO
Paradise Gold Dredg Co Inc ID
Paradise Gold Mines Co CO
Paradise Gold Mining Co CA
Paradise Mines Assoc ID
Paradise Mining Co Inc ID
Paradise Peak Mining Co NV
Paragon Gold Mines Co CA
Paragon Mg Co ID
Paragon Mining & Milling Co CA
Paragon Mining Co CA
Paragon Mining Co CO
Paragon Placer Mines CA
Paramount Consolidated Mining Co NV
Paramount Gold Mines Corp Ltd NV
Paramount Mines & Lsng Co OR
Paramount Mines Corp ID
Paramount Mines Inc AZ
Paramount Mines Inc WA
Paramount Mining Co NM
Parasapa Mining Co WY
Pardee-Meier Co AK
Pardners mines Corp DE
Parent Mining Co AZ
Paris Hill Mining Co WI
Paris Mining & Milling Co Inc ID
Park Apex Mining Co UT
Park Berg Mining Co UT
Park Bullion Mines Co UT
Park Central Mining Co UT
Park City & Midnight Sun Mining Co UT
Park City Amal Mines Co UT
Park City Coalition Mining Co UT
Park City Development Co UT
Park City Divide Mining Co UT
Park City Eastern Mines Co UT
Park City King Mining Co UT
Park City Mines Co UT
Park City Mining & Smelting Co UT
Park City Mining Co UT
Park City National Mining Co NV
Park City Northern Mining Co UT
Park City Triumph Mining Co UT
Park City-Elmira Mining Co NV
Park Copper & Gold Mining Co Ltd ID
Park County Dredging Co CO
Park County Gold Mines Inc CO
Park Cummings Mining Co UT
Park Eastern Mining Co UT
Park Empire Mining Co UT
Park Galena Mining Co UT
Park Gold Mining Co WY
Park Kearns Mining Co UT
Park Kiaora Mining Co UT
Park King Mining Co UT
Park Konold Mines Corp UT
Park Lead-Silver Mining Co UT
Park Monarch Mining Co UT
Park Mountain Mines Inc MT
Park Nelson Mining Co UT
Park Premier Mining Co UT
Park Range Gold Mines Inc DE
Park Range Mining & Prosp Co CO
Park Standard Mining Co UT
Park Sun Mining Co UT
Park Tunnel Mining & Milling Co CO
Park Utah Mining Co UT
Parker & Son AK
Parker John Mines Corp ID
Parker Mines Inc ID
Parker Mining Co Ltd ID
Parker Process Synd MT
Parks Bar Dredging Co CA
Parnall Gold Mines Corp CA
Parrot Silver & Copper Co MT
Parrott King Copper Inc CA
Parsons Mining Co NM
Pasadena Gold Placer Synd CA
Pasadena Metal Exploration & Development Co CA
Pasadena Mines Inc ID
Pasadena Mining Co UT
Paso Bartyla Mines Ltd CA
Passiflora Mining & Milling Co CO
Pat Mining Co OK
Patagonia Central Mining Co AZ
Patagonia Mines Inc AZ
Patagonia Placer Mining Co AZ
Patagonia Superior Copper Co AZ
Patented Mines Co MT
Pateros Mining Syndicate WA
Pathfinder Gold Producers Inc CO
Paths Mining Co UT
Patra Mines Co NM
Patricia Jim Inc CA
Patricia Mining & Milling Co CO
Patricia Mining Co ID
Patrick (William) Mining Co NV
Patsy Divide Mining Co NV
Patterson Mines Inc WA
Patty C Lead & Zinc Co OK
Pauper Lang Co CO
Pavette Mines Co TX
Pawhattan Mining Co ID
Pawnee Mining Co CO
Pay Back Mining Co MT
Pay Day Mining Co CO
Pay Divide Mining Co CA
Pay Divide Mining Co NV
Payette Expire Co ID
Payette Gold Mines Inc UT
Payette Lead Co ID
Paymaster Consolidated Mines Co AZ
Paymaster Consolidated Mining Co CO
Paymaster Consolidated Mining Co ID
Paymaster Developing Co CO
Paymaster Gold Mining Co MT
Paymaster Gold Placer Inc DE
Paymaster Mines Co CO
Paymaster Mines Ltd CA
Paymaster Mining & Development Co CO
Paymaster Mining Co MT
Payoff Mines Inc AZ
Payroll Mines Inc AZ
Payson Copper Mining Co UT
Peabody Alaska Copper Corp AK
Peabody Consolidated Copper Co AZ
Peabody Mining Co MT
Peacock Copper Consolidated Mining Co UT
Peacock Mining & Milling Co NM
Peacock Mining-Exploration Co DE
Peak Silver Mining Co AZ
Pearce Bldg Co NV
Pearce Consolidated Mining Co AZ
Pearch Placer Mine CA
Pearl Consolidated Mining Co CO
Pearl Creek Gold Quartz Mine AK
Pearl Mining Co ID
Pearl Mining Co OR
Pearson Mining Co ID
Pebble Mining Co OR
Pebble Placer Mining Co NV
Peck Mining & Milling Co AZ
Pecos Copper Co NM
Pecos Corp NM
Pecos Estates Ltd NM
Pecos Mines Co NM
Pecos Mining Co TX
Pecos River Mining Co NM
Pedro Mountain Gold Mining Co OR
Pedroli Group Mining Co NV
Peer Consolidated Mines Co NV
Peer Gold Mining Co NV
Peerless Bell Mining Co CO
Peerless Consolidated Copper Co CO
Peerless Consolidated Mines Inc AK
Peerless Development Co CA
Peerless Mines Development Co AZ
Peerless Mining & Milling Co NM
Peerless Mining Co ID
Peerless Mining Co NV
Peerless Mining Co WA
Peerless Mining Corp AK
Peerless Mnrls Co Ltd NV
Pelican Gold Mining Co CO
Pelican Mining Co NM
Pelican Mining Co OK
Pembroke Mining & Milling Co CO
Penales Mining Co NV
Penauld Mining Corp CA
Pend Oreille Lead & Zinc Co WA
Pend Oreille Mining & Red Co Ltd ID
Pend Oreille Premier Mining Co WA
Pend Oreille Silver Inc WA
Pend O'Reille Silver Lease Inc ID
Penelas Mining Co NV
Penfleld & Peneld Ext Mines AZ
Peni Mining Co WI
Peninsular Development Corp DE
Penman Mines Corp NV
Penn Copper & Zinc Mining Co CA
Penn Development Co CO
Penn Dredging Co CA
Penn Metals Inc AZ
Penn Mines WA
Penn Mining Co CA
Penn Mining Co ID
Penn Mining Co WA
Penn Mining Synd Inc DE
Penn Nevada Corp CO
Penn-Calif Mining Co CA
Penn-Idaho Mining Co ID
Penn-Nevada Mining Trust NV
Penn-Ohio Mines Co CO
Pennstake Gold Mining Corp DE
Penn--Star Mining Co NV
Pennsylvania Lead & Zinc Co PA
Pennsylvania Mines Co CO
Pennsylvania Mining & Inv Co CA
Pennsylvania Mining Power & Red Co CO
Pennsylvania Molybdenum Mines Co CO
Pennsylvania Silver Co CA
Pennsylvania Smelting Co PA
Pennsylvania-Tonopah Gold Mining Co NV
Pennsylvania-West Virginia Development Corp DE
Pennuva Copper Co NV, UT
Penn-Zona Metal Mining Co AZ
Penn-Zona Mining Co AZ
Penobscot Gold Mining Co WA
Penobscot Mining Co SD
Penobscot Mug Co NV
Penon De Oro Mines Inc CA
Penrose Mines Inc CO
Penryn Gold Mines Co CA
Pentabase Mining Co MT
Pep Gold Mining Co NV
Peralta Gold Mines Inc NM
Percha Mining Co NM
Perdiver Mining Co WA
Perhay Mining & Milling Co CO
Pericles Mining Co CA
Perigo Mines Co CO
Perigo Mining & Milling Co CO
Perjue Surprise Gold Mining Co UT
Permit Mines Inc CA
Permit Mining Co CA
Perpetual Mining Corp NV
Perrin Mining Co CO
Perry (Matt) Mining & Milling Co AZ
Perserverance Mines Co Inc ID
Pershbaker Mining Co CA
Pershing County Mines Co NV
Pershing Lead-Silver Mining Co NV
Pershing Mercury Mine NV
Pershing Mine AZ
Pershing Quicksilver Co NV
Persistent Milling Lsng & Mining Co CO
Persistent Mining Co CA
Peru Laceede Synd OK
Peruvian Consolidated Mining Co UT
Peshastin Mining Co WA
Peshastin Placers Inc WA
Peters Mining Co AK
Peterson Magnus NV
Petoskey Copper Co NV
Pewabic Goad Co CO
Pewabic Mining & Milling Co CO
Pharmacist Gold Mining Co CO
Phedora Silver-Lead Mining Co ID
Phelps Bros Mining Co ID
Phelps Copper Co NM
Phemspace Mines Co ID
Philadelphia Mines Lsng Co CO
Philadelphia Mining & Milling Co NM
Philadelphia Mining Co AZ
Philadelphia Mining Co CO
Philippine Mining & Coral Development Co Ltd DE
Philomena Mining Co AZ
Phoenix Co NV
Phoenix Consolidated Gold Mines of NJ NJ
Phoenix Consolidated Mines Co CA
Phoenix Deep Mining Co CO
Phoenix Divide Mining Co NV
Phoenix Gold Mines Inc MT
Phoenix Gold Mining Co CA
Phoenix Gold Mining Corp CA
Phoenix Lead-Silver Mining Co CO
Phoenix Mines CO
Phoenix Mining & Milling Co Ltd ID
Phoenix Mining Co UT
Phoenix Mining Co Inc CA
Phoenix Park Lode Mines Inc DE
Phoenix Quicksilver Mines Co CA
Phoenix Saratoga Mining Co AZ
Phoenix Trail Mining Co CO
Phosphate Mine ID
Picacho Gold Mines Co NV
Picacho Gold Mining Co CA
Picacho Mining Co AZ
Picher Lead Co Tri State
Pickwick Gold Mines CO
Piedmont Co MT
Piedmont Gold Mining Corp NV
Piehl Mining Co NV
Pierce (Ruth) Mining Co CA
Pierce City Placers Inc WA
Pierce Enterprise Consolidated Mining Co Ltd ID
Pierce Metals Development Co ID
Piermont Mines Inc NV
Pierpont Mines Co NV
Pierson Mines Corp CA
Pig Tail Placer Inc ID
Pigeon Springs Mining & Milling Co CA
Pike Hill Mines Co VT
Pike Lake Gold Mines Inc WA
Pike's Peak Gold & Copper Mining Co AZ
Pike's Peak Gold Co CO
Pike's Peak Mining Co MT
Pilgrim Exploration Co DE
Pilgrim Gold Mining Co AZ
Pilgrim Gold Mining Co CA
Pilgrim Gold Silver & Copper Mining Co CO
Pilgrim Mines Co ID
Pilgrim Mines Inc AZ
Pilot Butte Mining Co MT
Pilot Dredging Co CA
Pilot Knob Gold Corp ID
Pilot Knob Mining Co CA
Pilot Mining Co ID
Pilot Peak Silver Mining Co NV
Pilot Range Gold Mining Co NV
Pima Drilling Co CA
Pinal Consolidated Mining Co CA
Pinal Mining Co AZ
Pine Canyon & Bingham Tun Co UT
Pine Creek Consolidated Mining Co ID
Pine Creek Development Co ID
Pine Creek Mining Co ID
Pine Creek Mining Co OR
Pine Creek Placer Mining Co OR
Pine Creek Placers Inc OR
Pine Creek Queen Inc ID
Pine Grove Consolidated Mines Inc NV
Pine Grove Gold Mug Co NV
Pine Grove Mine AZ
Pine Grove Mining Co NV
Pine Leaf Mining Co CA
Pine Martin Mining Co CO
Pine Mountain Mercury Mines AZ
Pine Springs Copper Co AZ
Pine Tree Mines Inc CA
Pinion Queen Mining Co UT
Pinnacle Mines Co CO
Pinon Mining Co CA
Pinto Basin Mining & Milling Co CA
Pinto Valley Co DE
Pinyon Mining Co UT
Pinyon Ridge Mining Co UT
Pioche Bristol Mining Co NV
Pioche Coalition Mines Co NV
Pioche Gold Mines Co UT
Pioche Metals Mining Co NV
Pioche Mines Co NV
Pioche Mines Inc NV
Pioche Nev Consolidated Mn Co NV
Pioche-Kansas Mines Inc NV
Piokee Mining Co Tri State
Piolet Mining Co KS
Pioneer Chief Gold Mines Co CA
Pioneer Consolidated Co NV
Pioneer Consolidated Mines Co NV
Pioneer Development Co Inc ID
Pioneer Dredging Co CA
Pioneer Dredging Corp ID
Pioneer Eng Co CA
Pioneer Extension Mines Co NV
Pioneer Gold Dredging AK
Pioneer Gold Dredging Co CA
Pioneer Gold Dredging Co OR
Pioneer Gold Mines Co CA
Pioneer Gold Mining & Development Co ID
Pioneer Gold Producers Inc CO
Pioneer Gold Wing Co Ltd CA
Pioneer Lead & Zinc Co OK
Pioneer Lead Mines Ltd ID
Pioneer Luckstrike Mining Co CA
Pioneer Lucky Strike Gold Mining Co CA
Pioneer Minerals Corp MT
Pioneer Mines Co NV
Pioneer Mines Inc CA
Pioneer Mines Inc CO
Pioneer Mining & Ditch Co AK
Pioneer Mining & Milling Co CA
Pioneer Mining & Royalty Co MO
Pioneer Mining Co Ltd ID
Pirate Mining Co CO
Piru Mining Co Inc CA
Piru Mining Corp CA
Pispian Mining Corp NV
Pit Lsng Co CO
Pitkin Mountain Boy Mining Co CO
Pitman-Silver & Milling Co CO
Pitney Butte Mine WA
Pittman Lease Co CO
Pitts Mining Co CA
Pittsburg & Western Copper Co MT
Pittsburg Gold Flat Mines CA
Pittsburg Gold Mining Co Inc WA
Pittsburg Independent Mining Co AZ
Pittsburg Lead Mining Co ID
Pittsburg Liberty Mining Co CA
Pittsburg Mining & Milling Co AZ
Pittsburg Placer Mining Co NM
Pittsburg Silver Mining Co UT
Pittsburg Silver Peak Mining Co NV
Pittsburg-Comstock Mines Co NV
Pittsburgh & Mont Copper Co MT
Pittsburgh & Mt Shasta M & M Co CA
Pittsburgh Consolidated Gold Mining Co CO
Pittsburgh Consolidated Mining & Milling Co UT
Pittsburgh Mines Co AZ
Pittsburgh Mining Co OR
Pittsburgh Mining Co OR
Pittsburgh Mt Shasta Corp CA
Pittsburgh Placer Mining Co NM
Pittsburgh Radium Co UT
Pittsburgh Silver Peak Mining Co NV
Pittsburgh Tonopah Extn Mining Co NV
Pittsburgh-Ely Copper Co NV
Pittsburgh-Goldfields Mining Co NV
Pittsburgh-Idaho Co ID
Pittsburgh-Idaho Hyd Mining Co ID
Pittsburgh-Idaho Hydraulic M Co ID
Pittsburgh-Idaho Mining & Milling Co ID
Pittsburgh-Jerome Copper Co AZ
Pittsburgh-Nevada Mining Co NV
Pittsburgh-Oregon Mining Co OR
Pittsmont Copper Co MT
Piute Mining & Milling Co UT
Piute Mining Co CA
Placer Ado Mining Co CA
Placer Bar Mines Inc CA
Placer Basin Co ID
Placer Consolidated Mining Co Inc NV
Placer Gold Corp DE
Placer Gold Corp NV
Placer Gold Inc CA
Placer Gorge Mining Co CA
Placer King Mines Inc AZ
Placer Mines Inc OR
Placer Mines Inc WA
Placer Mining Co NV
Placer Properties of Idaho Inc ID
Placer Recovery Co NV
Placeras De Oro Co CA
Placer-Creek Silver Lead M & M Co ID
Placerita Mining Co Ltd NV
Placers Exploration Synd Inc ID
Placers Inc CA
Placers Recovery Co NV
Placerville Channel Gold Mining Co CA
Plainview Mining Co Inc ID
Plamondon Indian Mines Inc WA
Planet Dewey Consolidated Mining Co CA
Planetary Mining & Milling Co UT
Plata Corp ID
Plata Grande Silver Mining Co TX
Platinum Gold Mining Co OR
Platinum King Mining Co OR
Platinum Metals Corp WY
Platinum Mining Co of America CO
Platinum Palladium Prod Corp AK
Platinum-Gold Mining Co CA
Plato Mining Co Inc AZ
Platoro Gold Mines Inc CO
Pleasant Creek Mining Co OR
Pleasant Mining Co CA
Pleasant Placer Co OR
Pleasant Valley Mining Co CA
Plombo Bros CA
Plomo King Mines Co AZ
Plomosa Mining Co AZ
Plomosa Placer Properties AZ
Plomosa Silvers Inc AZ
Ploneer Corp DE
Plumas Amal Mines Co CA
Plumas Copper King Mines Co CA
Plumas County Mining Co CA
Plumas Eureka Annex Mining Co CA
Plumas Eureka Corp CA
Plumas Eureka Mine CA
Plumas Gold Mining Co CA
Plumas Sierra Consolidated Mines Co NV
Plumbago El Dorado Mining Co CA
Plumbago Gold Mine Co Inc CA
Plumbas Bell Mining & Milling Co CA
Pluto Gold & Copper Mining Co WY
Plymouth Gold Dredging Co CA
Plymouth Lead Mines Co ID
Plymouth Mining Co MO
Plymouth Mining Co MT
Pocahontas Copper Queen Mining Co AZ
Pocahontas Humbolt Mining Co CO
Pocahontas Mining Co CA
Pocahontas Mining Co WA
Pocatello Gold & Copper Mining Co Ltd ID
Pocatello-Lemhi Mining & Exploration Co ID
Poker Pot Bing Co CA
Poland Mines Inc AZ
Poland Mining Co UT
Polar Star Mining Co CO
Polar Star Mining Synd CO
Polaris Development & Mining Co ID
Polartid Mining Corp CO
Polderwel Red Co OR
Policeman Divide Mining Co NV
Polk Bayou Mining Co AR
Polkinghorn Mining Co CA
Pomeroy-Prudential Cop Co AZ
Pomona Dale Mining Co CA
Pondera Mining & Pwr Co ID
Ponderay Mining & Smelting Co ID
Ponderosa Mining Co ID
Pontiac Land & Mineral Co ID
Pontiac Mining Co ID
Pony Express Mining Co CO
Pony Mining & Milling Co MT
Poorman Mines Corp ID
Poorman Mining Co CO
Pope Mining Co KY
Pope-Shenon Mining Co ID
Porcupine Gold Mining Co AK
Porcupine Mining Co AK
Porcupine Mining Co DE
Porcupine Mining Co WA
Porphyry Consolidated Copper Co AZ
Porphyry Copper Co AZ
Porphyry Development Co CO
Porphyry Dike Gold Mining Co MT
Porphyry Gold Mining Co CO
Porphyry Gold Mining Co NM
Porphyry Mines Inc CO
Porphyry Reserve Copper Co AZ
Port Wells-Granite Mining Co AK
Portable Mining & Milling Co WA
Portage Basin Hydraulic Co AK
Portage Lake & Bisbee Mining Co AZ
Portage Mine Synd AK
Porter Dredging Co OR
Porterfleld Mining Synd ID
Porterie Mercury Mining Co AZ
Portland & Mizpah Mining Co AZ
Portland Canal Gold Mines Ltd AK
Portland Consolidated Copper Co WY
Portland Copper Co WA
Portland Divide Mining Co NV
Portland Gold Mining Co CO
Portland Mercury Co Inc OR
Portland Mine NV
Portland Mines Inc AZ
Portland Mining & Milling Co ID
Portland Mining Co ID
Portland Mining Co SD
Portland Southwest Mining Co NM
Portola Corp CA
Portola Mines & Milling Co NV
Portoma Mining Co ID
Poso Mining & Milling Co CA
Potential Mining Co NV
Potential Mining Inc OR
Potosi Gold & Silver Mining Co NV
Potosi Land & Mining Co CA
Potosi-Carabou Mining Co CO
Poudre Canon Mining Co CO
Poverty Hill Mining Co NV
Poverty Mining Co WY
Powder River Gold Dredging Co OR
Powder River Mining WY
Power TC & Bro MT
Powers Gold Mining & Development Co AZ
Powers Gulch Development Co AZ
Powers Lang Co CO
Powers, JB AK
Pozo Gilipin Mining Co CO
Prairie Belle Mining Co MO
Prairie Chicken Mining Corp OK
Prairie Dog Mining Co OK
Prairie Flower Mining Co CA
Prairie Flower Mining Co NV
Prairie Mining Corp OK
Pramil Gold Mines Ltd NV
Pre-Cambrian Investments Ltd OR
Precious Metals Corp ID
Precious Metals Exploration Co Ltd DE
Precious Metals Inc CO
Precious Metals Inc NV
Precious Metals Mines Co ID
Precious Metals Mining Co CO
Precious Metals Recovery & Smelting Co WA
Precious Metals Recovery Corp CO
Precious Metals Synd CO
Premier Diamond Synd DE
Premier Gold Mines Corp WA
Premier Gold Mines Inc CA
Premier Gold Mines Inc NV
Premier Gold Mining & Milling Co WA
Premier Metals Corp CA
Premier Mining & Milling Co ID
Premier Mining Co CA
Premier Mining Co NV
Premier Nevada Mines Co NV
Premier Rare Metals Mfng Co WA
Premier Silver Mining Co UT
Premier Zinc Co OK
Premium Gold Inc DE
Premium Gold Mining Co CO
President Gold Mining Co WA
Preston Gold Mining & Mig Co CO
Preston Gold Mining Co AZ
Price (RJ) Mining Co ID
Price (RJ) Mining Co MT
Price Lang Co CO
Price Mining Co UT
Prickly Pear Mining Co MT
Pride Consolidated Copper Co AZ
Pride Mining Co CO
Pride of Cripple Creek Gold Mining Co CO
Pride of Mojave Mining Co CA
Pride of the West Mining Co CO
Priest River Mining Co ID
Primary Gold Mining Co WA
Primary Industries Corp CO
Prime Western Metals Co ID
Primos Co CO
Primos Co of Philadelphia PA
Primrose Empire Mining Co NV
Primrose Mines Corp AK
Prince Albert Mines Inc AZ
Prince Albert Mining & Milling Co AZ
Prince Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co NV
Prince Gillett Mining Co CA
Prince of Ariz Mining Co AZ
Prince of Wales Development Co UT
Prince of Wales Lsng Co CO
Princemont Mining Co ID
Princess Copper Co NV
Princess Gold Mines Inc AZ
Princess Gold Mining Co MT
Princess Magnolia Mining Co CA
Princess Mine Inc OR
Princess Mines Co AZ
Princess Mines Inc CO
Princess Mines Inc WA
Princess Mining Co CA
Princess Mining Co NV
Princess Pat Mining Co AZ
Princess Tungsten Mine CO
Princeton Gold Mines Co CA
Princeton Gold Mines Inc CA
Princeton Mine CA
Princeton Mining & Red Co CO
Princeton Mining Co AZ
Pringle (Wm H) & Co WA
Pringle Mining Co CO
Pritchard Mining & Milling Co ID
Private Investors Inc CA
Prize Mines Inc CO
Proctor Knott Mining Co ID
Producer Gold Mines Inc CA
Producers Co OK
Producers Lead & Zinc Co OK
Producers Metals Co WY
Production Mines Co CO
Profile Metals Co ID
Profile Tamarack Mines Co ID
Profile Yellow Pine Co ID
Progress Gold Mining Co ID
Progress Mining Co NM
Progressive Gold Mining & Milling Co, The NM
Progressive Mining Co CA
Progressive Mining Co OR
Progressive Mining Co UT
Prommel Mining Co CO
Pronto Mines Ltd NV
Prospect Mining Co AK
Prospect Mining Co DE
Prospectors Finance Co Ltd CA
Prospectors Mining & Development Co Ltd ID
Prosperity Gold Mines Inc CO
Prosperity Gold Mining Co CA
Provenir Gold Mining & Exploration Co CA
Providence Consolidated Gold Mines Co CA
Providence Extn Gold Mining Co NV
Providence Mining & Milling Co CO
Providence Mining Co CA
Providencia Mining Co Ltd ID
Providencia Mining Corp Ltd CA
Provo Mining Co UT
Prudence Placer Mines Inc CA
Prudential Copper Mining Co AZ
Prudential Gold Mines Co AZ
Prudential Gold Mining Co CA
Prudential Ring & Milling Co AZ
Prune Ravine Mining Co CA
Psyche Mine OR
Public Gold Mines Inc CO
Puebla Mines Inc DE
Pueblo Mining Co OR
Pueblo Mountain Mining Co NV, OR
Puget Mining Corp Ltd CA
Puget Placers Inc OR
Puget Sound Copper Co WA
Puget Sound Dredging Co AK
Puget Sound Mercury Corp WA
Pullman Mining & Milling Co ID
Pure Gold Inc MT
Pure Gold Mining Co CO
Purinton Mining Co CA
Puritan Mine Corp CA
Puritan Mining Co CO
Puritan Mining Co Ltd ID
Pursey Chester Mines Co CO
Puzzle Mining Co CO
Pyramid Divide Mines Co NV
Pyramid Gold & Mining Co AZ
Pyramid Gold & Silver Mines Corp NV
Pyramid Metals Corp CO
Pyramid Mining & Development Co MO
Pyramid Mining & Oil Co CA
Pyramid Mining Co CO
Pyramid Peak Consolidated Mining Co NM
Pyrargyrite Mining Co WA
Pyrites Co Ltd DE