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Corporate History

We research and write company histories documenting topics such as:

  • corporate structure
  • dates and locations of operations
  • patents and manufacturing processes
  • relationships with government regulators
  • contributions to war industrial mobilization efforts
  • corporate succession to track changes in names and owners, or mergers and acquisitions
  • historical connections to slavery to satisfy city ordinance requirements
  • institutional success stories and challenges
  • marketing strategies and advertising campaigns

Our comprehensive review of company records, newspapers, property-related materials, oral histories and interviews, and personal papers gives you a picture of the company and shows its changes over time. During litigation, uncovering a company’s past can assist in assessing liability for environmental damages, identifying insurance coverage, and summarizing the operations under each owner (PRPs). For company anniversaries or other times for reflection, our research, collection, and assembly of company materials help you in publishing your narrative history. We also have extensive experience writing narrative institutional histories that provide long-term context for future management and direction.

Case Study:

Bank of America Predecessor Histories

Bank of America Corporation (BOA) engaged Heritage to research and document any circumstances whereby any of its predecessor institutions might have owned slaves, financed the slave trade or otherwise profited from a relationship to the slave trade. BOA identified numerous predecessors whose operations dated to the pre-Civil War period. They had dozens of others for which BOA needed dates of establishment and relations to possible other predecessors.

Heritage conducted review of bank records, property-related documents and personal papers of bank officers for institutions located in nine states and the District of Columbia. We prepared a detailed report, which we presented to the City of Chicago, who accepted our findings as have several other municipalities since.

An abstract database, with document images available via hyperlink, was created to assist in the preparation of reports, identify early data gaps and aid understanding of the chronology of BOA's evolution through numerous entities.

Report on Bank of America Predecessor Institutions Research Regarding Slavery and the Slave Trade