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Environmental Litigation

We help you reduce liabilities at environmentally-impacted sites by determining matters of fact for your development of legal defenses. We locate documentation relevant to the following issues of third party liability:

  • Point and non-point sources of pollution
  • Quantity, character and timing of historical releases
  • Natural resource baseline conditions and historical natural resource damages
  • Past and present owners, operators, transporters, and generators
  • Potentially responsible parties (PRPs) viability
  • Historical operations and processes
  • Storage, transportation and disposal of hazardous materials over time & from site to site
  • Historical insurance coverage

We specialize in researching state and federal government liability and documenting permitted releases, government acceptance of irreversible and irretrievable losses of resources, government ownership/operator liability, and government wartime involvement.

Case Studies


Heritage was invaluable in our successful defense of a treaty fishing rights case. David and his extensive network of researchers around the country were not only able to collect an immense volume of highly relevant historical records about where our client tribe fished in the Pacific ocean in the 1800s (already a very difficult task); they were able to locate and retrieve documents often on a day’s notice from archives in locations all around the world. Heritage went above and beyond mere document retrieval; they suggested other possible research routes or locations for relevant documents, and these suggestions were often fruitful. A significant quantity of the key documents in our case came from Heritage’s research. We will certainly use them again and have recommended them to colleagues undertaking similar cases.

Lauren King, Attorney, Seattle, WA