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Military History

We search government and other military archives, conduct oral history interviews with current or past military personnel, examine historical military commemorative records, and collect information about the activities of military installations, ordnance usage and testing, military contracts, enlistees, and war-time activities. As subcontractors for several environmental engineering firms involved in the Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP), we have documented the history of unexploded ordnance (UXO) at various military installations across the United States. We have served as expert witness for government contacts research.

Case Study:

Military Munitions Response Program

Heritage was a subcontractor to URS Corporation to research historic use of ordnance/ammunition ranges at 17 Air Force installations across the country falling under Air Education and Training Command or Air Mobility Command supervision including Altus AFB (OK), Andrews AFB (MD), Barry M. Goldwater Range/Luke AFB (AZ), Columbus AFB (MS), Fairchild AFB (WA), Goodfellow AFB (TX), Lackland AFB (TX), Little Rock AFB (AR), MacDill AFB (FL), Maxwell AFB (AL), McChord AFB (WA), McConnell AFB (KS), Pope AFB (NC), Randolph AFB (TX), Travis AFB (CA), Tyndall AFB (FL), and Vance AFB (OK). Heritage's work contributed to Comprehensive Site Evaluations (CSE) prepared by URS.

We researched records at National Archives facilities, searched the Internet and made interview contacts via the Internet. Information we collected provided dates of construction and use, ordnance/ammunition fired at individual ranges and any previous cleanup efforts. Reports prepared by Heritage included findings and detailed lists of sources searched.

All relevant information was entered into a searchable database with segregated numbering systems and record groups for each installation. Each record linked to corresponding document images. Narrative reports were developed from the database materials and research records.