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Database Development

The ability to search for key topical information in your data is the most important aspect of any information management system. We index and summarize your data in custom databases, designed to help you understand the type of information you possess without having to look at each and every page of it. We provide:

  • Document numerical identification
  • Source information and bibliographies
  • Document summaries of key information
  • Project specific coding
  • Document production statistics
  • Image and website hyperlinks
  • Data exportation
  • Chronological, operational and other narrative reporting.

Our abstracts contain the project relevant data allowing you to pin-point answers to your questions fast and effectively. With document images available as hyperlinks, you can search the database and open the corresponding document image alongside each summary with one click, resulting in a remarkable time savings compared to traditional manual searching for target information in paper collections.

Case Study:

Our information management personnel teamed with our historians to research and organize materials relative to industrial activities and waste generation for a confidential client at a CERCLA site in Massachusetts. Research focused on identification of Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs) that historically discharged contaminants into a small watershed and the quantification of such discharges. The research revealed previously unknown sources of contamination and discharge to the watershed with specific information concerning the type, character and volume of wastes generated by individual PRPs. Organization of all materials collected involved an abstract database summarizing document details most relevant for our clients, along with images of each document. A Geographic Information System (GIS) of the area over time, summary reports linking to document images presented in a web page, and topical narrative chronologies were produced. For distribution, the database was converted and provided in several different file formats for our client and other consultants working on the case. The project lasted over 8 years with over 67,000 pages processed.